OK, here is my meager attempt at drawing Anime art. I am a big anime fan and really like the styleized look to the art. On this page, you will find Mecha, designed by myself with help from friends , as well as characters designed by various friends and myself ( MUCH thanks to Michelle- my wife, Paul, Dave, Tommy, Scott, Jet, Jessie, Drew, and J.T. for the fantastic characters and ideas! )


These first images were for an "Anime Series" that my friends and I "created", based on concepts from R.Talsorian Games' "Mekton" . The story was about a motley crew of characters that found themselves far, FAR from home and forced to unite as the crew of a starship inorder to survive in a hostile star cluster. Here is the opening blurb and the better of the images for "Alien Stars"

Obviously I cannot take credit for the "Gundam" design and the "Spider-like mech (the last one) is a design that I found online and re-drew. Not sure who the original artist was. IF you know, let me know and I'll give credit.


Here is the opening blurb and what I consider the 'best' if the images that I created for the follow-up "series": "Alien Stars II: Operation Phoenix Force" .

These are the images for "Season 1" of another "series" that "The Scooby Gang" (my aforementioned friends) & I "created".

This is the "teaser" image I made for "Season 2"

Some other "Season 2" art!

A couple of other Anime-type images.

Ronina Emma