Here is the vast collection of comic art that I have created (at least, the pics that I would allow anyone to see). Growing up in a hous FULL of comics, I have always enjoyed reading them and attempting to emulate the art. Many of the characters below were not created by me. Some are the property of various comic publishers and others were created by my friends ( MUCH thanks to Michelle- my wife, Paul, Dave, Tommy, Scott, Jet, Brad, Jessie & J.T.for the fantastic characters and ideas! )


This image is one that I created for an online 9/11 memorial contest. I didn't win but I really like the way the image turned out. "Tears for September".


These images were created for an "What-If" site online. The site disappeared long ago....and I seem to have lost the name of the individuals name but it was a Fantastic Foue / Midnight Sons crossover ("What-If the Fantastic Four became the Midnight Sons"). I think some of the designs turned out pretty well...some could be better. These were completed before I fully figured out how to use the computer to smooth out the colored pencils I used to color the images. The 1st, 2nd & 4th turned out the best. The 3rd, 5th & 6th could use some work....maybe I'll re-draw them someday...


Here are illustrations of 4 of my "City of Heroes" characters. If you are a comic fan, it is a GREAT game. Check it out!!

And here are some other comic-style images...


isiskirilaniLexi Summersportalspellbinder


Here are some comic inspired desktop wallpapers that I made. Enjoy!

supergirl witchulti SW V


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