Well, here it is, the old Role-playing game info. As you may have already guessed, this is my primary hobby and it has a pretty big influence on alot of the things that I do. Now don't get me wrong, I am not obsessed (though some might argue) and I know the difference between reality and the game (again with the arguing). I also know that it is a hobby, which is under rated, misunderstood and QUITE enjoyable! Maybe it is corny but I look at it like impromptu theater. Everyone has a part but there is no script, just a plot and sub-plots. The actors (players) make up the dialogue as the go along. Long before there was Radio, Television, and even (I shudder to think of it) before the Internet, people entertained themselves with stories told around a campfire or table. RPG's are just an extension of this.

Here is some material from my various games, including Vampire: the Masquerade, Mekton, Marvel Superheroes SAGA, and Chill. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Unless otherwise noted, ALL material found here is owned by Scott Nunley II and IS NOT to be posted ANYWHERE else without permission and credit! Much of this information is based on ideas which belong to White Wolf studios, Mayfair games, TSR, Inc. and others. NO challenge to their copyrights is intended!

New World of Darkness Stuff

Here are some new Merits (actually, conversions of OWoD Special Advantages & some Backgrounds) for the New World of Darkness.

Here are some rules and rules modifications that I used to allow a player have a Ghost PC in my Nightside Investigations game. Enjoy!

Old World of Darkness Stuff

I found these online somewhere & I got a big kick out of them. I am not sure who made them or what the website was so if anyone know or finds it, let me know so I can link to it & give credit. Here are my favorites from the site.

Here you will find Storyteller game stats on the most famous (and infamous) vampires in literature, comics, film and other game systems. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy....

Here are some New Disciplines and Multi Disciplines that I have created for use in my various World of Darkness games. I hope you find them useful!

World of Darkness information on the Bloodline of Kindred descended from the legendary Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory.

Here is a "Character Information Sheet" that I require all of my players to fill out for their characters. It is expanded fromideas found in an issue of Dragon magazine (I forget which issue) and many of the additional questions were supplied by J. Scott Pittman. If you have players who tend to create thin, two dimensional characters, this sheet will help solve that problem IF you require them to fill it out BEFORE they can roll up their character. With minor adjustments it can be used in ANY game setting. Enjoy!

This is something I wrote as a guide on how to create a Dungeons and Dragons style Lich in the World of Darkness. It has not been play tested yet and I would appriciate ANY feed back on it.

Here is s bit of background information on mmy version of Atlantis, which I used for a shared WoD campaign that my players and I are running. I thought that someone out there might find it useful and use it for.....something. If anyone does and would like to embellish it, send it to me and I'll post it (I know, I know, try to contain your excitement)!

This is an outline for creating Gaian or Umbral Spirits useable as Player Characters. It was playtested BRIEFLY by the co-author, Tommy Gunther. Again, feedback would be welcome!

Looking for more Voodoo/Voudoun inspired rituals to add to the pitifully small list in the "Blood Magic" book? Here ya go!

Other Games

Here are character sheets featuring various characters for the Marvel SAGA game. Inside you will find both existing comic characters and some homade heroes!

Here are custom cards that I created for the Marvel SAGA game. Some of them are of characters created by my players for the half-dozen campaigns that I run, others are of characters that I like and yet others are "replacements" for cards with art that bugged me. Enjoy!

Here is my first attempt at actually writing an adventure for the Marvel Superheroes Adventure Game. Usually I just outline what I want to do and wing it from there (that way if the players come up with some good Ideas, I can incorporate them into the game eaiser. I believe that the players should be a MAJOR factor in the game world, no matter how insignificant their characters may seem. They ARE the STARS of our Comic (or book or T.V. Show or movie or story). This adventure was designed for one or two players (though I suppose that with a little reworking, it could accomidate more. Enjoy!


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